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Sinyar Holidays

Discover the world with SINYAR HOLIDAYS your business partner for Flights, Hotels and Holiday Packages. Start planning now and we will help you to reach your destination to have memorable holidays there.

Sinyar Holidays is a wholesale and retail distributor of leisure travel products and services. Our varied range of Holiday programs and destinations provide you with the highest degree of flexibility to tailor-made dream holidays

Honey Moon Packages

SINYAR Holidays offers the finest selection of destinations and attractions for a perfect getaway. Explore with our ready-made packages, to escape on a romantic honeymoon; aboard a luxury cruise dinner or simply just lounge at a tropical island at the gorgeous Maldives and create blissful memories with your soul mate. Get drenched in the rain together, share a cup of coffee and take a walk to remember and cherish those golden moments in the years ahead.

Family packages

Sinyar Holidays makes it possible with its impressive list of the most entertaining and spectacular destinations all around the world. As we know you always want to give pleasant surprises to your lovely kids.

Historical Packages

Discover, hear and appreciate the history behind each famous landmark in the world.

Cruise Holiday Packages

Our cruise range includes everything from the smaller traditional ships on the Nile and the Rhine rivers, through to the larger contemporary and exotic luxury liners that cruise around the world.