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About Us

Who We Are

Sinyar Travel and Tourism is one of the leading IATA accredited travel and tourism company with a team of aspirant professionals involved in chalking out travel plans with a head office located in Dubai UAE. We are authorized passenger sales agents for all international airlines operating from UAE.

We offer total travel solutions to individual and corporate travelers. The central objective is to provide a total travel service which incorporates cost and quality control procedures. Our services offer ranges from travel management services for air tickets, hotel, car rental, Visa services and other ancillary services which meets our customer requirements.

UAE; the timeless place where you can spend your life Time


Our vision is to be unrivaled in the travel industry by continuously developing new relationships and opportunities and complete client satisfaction which recognize that good service is more valuable than competitive pricing.


SINYAR Travel and Tourism started in 2014 with the mission of being the pioneer in offering travel services to our clients in the simple and cost effective manner. Sinyar Travel is committed to customer satisfaction that leads to a lifelong relationship.